The Industry Leader for Bible Proofreading and Quality Control

We check more than 300,000 details on a typical Bible in various languages

Our proofreading and editorial services include the following:

  • Proofreading Bible text
  • Proofreading supplemental material for grammar, style, and sense
  • Copyediting study and devotional content
  • Checking cross-reference systems, concordances, and indexes
  • Preparing style manuals for translations

Rooted and Grown Out of a Passion for Accuracy

Mildred Tripp Bible Proofreading

The idea of a dedicated business for Bible proofreading began in the 1960s, when Mildred Tripp gained a clientele of Bible publishers seeking her services with a unique method of proofreading she developed for Oxford University Press. The concept was purchased from Mildred and Frederick Tripp by Doug and June Gunden, who formed Peachtree Editorial Services in 1989. With the same passion for Bible accuracy, the Gundens refined the method to the renowned systematic team approach that is the hallmark of the Peachtree business today. Peachtree has worked with every major Bible publisher and Bible typesetter and on every major translation of the Bible.

A Reliable Process

The systematic team method used by Peachtree has been honed over the course of hundreds of Bible projects and decades of experience. We work with all those involved in the complex process of Bible development—editors, typesetters, copyright holders, translators, designers, scholars, and authors of study and devotional material within specialty Biblesto help ensure success and accuracy for each project.

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Other Proofreading Services

Our seasoned proofreading team also provides specific services upon request, such as the following:

Proofread study Bible notes and features.

Check conversion of supplemental material from one translation to another, ensuring editorial and style accuracy.

Proofread cross-reference systems, concordances, and indexes.

Prepare style manuals for translations, capturing the nuances of the translation committee’s choices.

Work in other Bible-related genres, such as trade books, commentaries, dictionaries, lectionaries, and missals.

Working on Bibles in multiple languages.

We work together with our publishing partners to create the right mix of services to fit your vision for your product.

Matchless Service for Bible Publishers and Typesetters

Peachtree Publishing Services partners with nearly thirty Bible publishers and typesetters on all types of Bibles that support the Christian faith—from study Bibles to devotional, specialty, parallel, plaintext, illustrated, and more, in every major translation.

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