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Our Perfect Bibles Worldwide Initiative

Peachtree’s mission is to protect and advance God’s Word, and we are preparing to bring this mission to every country in the world. We need the help of good partners to achieve this mission. Would you consider joining us or referring us to partners who can help?

The Challenge

As mission agencies and Bible societies work to translate God’s Word into every language, the current process often results in printed Bibles with inadvertent but distracting errors. These problems range from significant issues, such as missing verses or sections, to minor typos. Regardless of their perceived size, these mistakes break a reader’s focus and interrupt their engagement with God’s Word. Here are three typical errors we’ve found in foreign language editions of the Bible. While subtle, each one disrupts a reader’s flow as they try to engage with God and His Word, perhaps for the first time.

Our experience with Bible readers demonstrates that even small mistakes in printed Bibles can have a significant impact. For some, finding a small typo simply distracts them, pulling their focus away from the message. Rather than focusing on God, their attention is refocused on the error they’ve discovered. For others, a mistake in their Bible causes them to lose trust in the book they’ve been told is God’s perfect Word. Small errors can undermine credibility. It is challenging to encourage people to overlook a number of typos while assuring them that the rest of the Bible is perfect and inspired.

We strive to ensure that God’s Word is printed perfectly every time, no matter the edition or the language. Since we believe God’s Word is inerrant, we work to present it as perfectly as humanly possible. God’s Word deserves that effort, and those receiving their first Bible deserve the respect of that meticulous care.

The Solution

Peachtree has been proofreading Bibles for over 40 years and currently reviews about 80% of the English Bibles published in the US commercial market. Our mission to protect and advance God’s Word motivates us to ensure that every edition around the world is printed perfectly and free from error. As we have worked in multiple languages, we have found that our proprietary software and systems are highly effective in most languages and alphabets.

With the help of PWI Foundation, we’ve created the Perfect Bibles Worldwide Initiative that would allow us to bring our tools to Bible Societies and mission organizations worldwide. This initiative will allow us to provide these services at no cost or at a greatly reduced cost. With this funding, we believe we can ensure that Bibles in hundreds of languages are printed perfectly, even if they only merit the smallest small print runs. We believe that people groups with small numbers and limited print runs also deserve perfectly printed Bibles.

The Opportunity

We have been approached by multiple organizations and are in ongoing discussions with others. We currently have the opportunity to complete final reviews on over 50 full Bibles and New Testaments, ensuring that they are presented perfectly and free from error.

Although the opportunity is there, we need the funding to complete the work.

We have partnered with the PWI Foundation as our fiscal sponsor for this endeavor. This arrangement allows you to make a tax-deductible charitable contribution and the funds will be granted by PWI Foundation to Peachtree to support the publishing of perfect Bible regardless of their language. Together, we ensure that every gift supports the work with non-English Bibles with the same quality and assurances we’ve come to expect in English Bibles.

We invite you to join us in this crucial mission of delivering perfect editions of God’s Word to all language groups. Your support is vital for the completion of this task.

To learn how to donate or to connect us with potential supporters, please contact us at Together, we can make a significant impact and bring God’s flawless Word to all nations.